The 6,000 LBS Slug from Outer Space!!!

According to reports out of the Foothills of Tennessee, 2 boys (who wish to remain anonymous) were out exploring at about 7:30 at night just as the sun was setting. These boys were out hiking like good old boys do down in Tennessee. As they were in the Foothills of Tennessee they were crawling over a small incline when they began to see a dimly glowing purplish light coating the tree tops.

One boy told the other we need to get out out of here, I’ve seen too many movies, they don’t end well for us and didn’t end too well for Travis Walton either.Well, the other boy who was a bit older and more adventurous said,” I’ve got this and trudged forward, meanwhile, the other boy stayed behind him a few clicks and before you know it they had stumbled upon a hovering Purplish black obsidian shiny rhombus like ship so kind of rectangular but with strange angles on it. Almost like the stealth bomber with those strange radar angles.

They reported they saw hieroglyphic like writing on the outside that they could not read, but looked very similar to what they had seen in school from Egyptian hieroglyphics. They stated that as they moved closer, their hair began to raise and they felt an electrical charge in the air as well as a low Hum like you would hear form a bass amp starting to give feedback.

They stated that as soo as they got closer, they could feel a presence speak to them telepathically they were scared because they didn’t know where it was coming from.
They reported that the voice stated that there was nothing to fear and that it would come out to greet them shortly. As they went to go running as fast as they could like the Flash would in the comics, they realized they were stuck to the ground like cement and were frozen in space like being zapped with a freeze gun.

As their eyes were wide open, an opening appeared in the ship and revealed a slide of sorts to the ground. Out on a Levitating sled like device came a humongous Slug like Alien with large eyes protruding from its head on antennae, just like a slug and appeared to have arms and hands. In one arm the being carried a device that ws made of clear or translucent material, the other arm, welcomed the boys.

The being allowed the boys to unfreeze slightly, but not fully.. He introduced himself as a traveler from a planet in the Crab Nebula and that he was here on a monitoring mission and retrieval mission. He stated that Earth was about to undergo a serious change due to our lack of responsibility with the Environment. He stated, this would be a good thing and positive for mankind. He also stated that his species is working with our species to accomplish these goals as well as to defend Earth from outside Evil alien presence.. He stated that the government had taken care of developing a defense network and that the boys should not be afraid and that they were safe, however, they needed to help humanity during these difficult times and make Earth Healthier.

He then showed them on his translucent device where his planet was and their society and how it functioned in UNISON. That they did not have a need for money that they worked together to develop a better, cleaner, more intelligent planet together and that by being more focused on service to each other as a community, as opposed to making money, and being focused on material things, they have been able to advance extremely rapidly in a short amount of time and that Humans could evolve even faster given the technology that was being shared by the Galactic Federation to the humans to accomplish this.

The Slug stated that his planet is thriving and that Earth would one day too, but not before major changes occur to how we are living. He also stated, healing technologies would allow us to live in these bodies longer and that we would be able to accomplish developing technologies faster and that we would learn what it meant to “Pass on” to the next dimension and that we don’t die, but that we continue to progress through reincarnation and that Earth was one of the best places incarnate to learn a great deal and allow our souls to evolve through being on this plane.

He allowed the boys to view some of the amazing technology oniside the craft and the boyus stated that everything inside the craft glowed purples and blues and were told that the frequencies these colors displayed allowed for miraculous healing and regenerationto occur for his civiilization. The boys also stated it appeared that they had a bath and whirlpool like device inside and the Slug stated that that allowed for consumption of food as welll as healing and nutritive properties as well as for relaxation on longer flights.

I imagine the whirlpool tub to look something similar to the comfort of this fine whirlpool tub!!

With that, he allowed the boys to leave and warned and encouraged them to take care fof the planet and themselves and to ensure that Earth Could stick around longer.

There is more to this story in the Podcast, feel free to listen for FREE and enjoy.

LockDown Universe. Out.

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