Officials report that Oumuamua could have been a celestial castoff from a planet or comet or some other natural phenomena.

NOW, HARVARD researchers are stating that it could have been artificially made, so now they are considering the possibility that this COULD have been a An ALIEN SPACE SATELLITE or altogether an ENTIRE SPACESHIP!!

Well, according to one insider, Oumuamua was NOT a COMET!!  The ship was far enough away for standard astronomers to see detailed images, however, NASA and the deep state sere able to use HUBBLE to see this was no comet.

BUT it IS an “ANCIENT ALIEN SHIP” which the Secret Space Program flew out to and scavenged for tech.  Once onboard, they found a large entryway that had been pillaged and pirated for the majority of the entryway and it was assumed there were no occupants and that some civilizations had come to the ship and taken tech they wanted, but soon located and entry point to another command center within the ship and what they found was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

They located MONITORS and DATABASES with HUGE SWATHS of KNOWLEDGE about this Ancient Civilization’s Society and the Galaxies and Species with which it had forged bonds with.   Reportedly. the retrieval teams and encoders are still calculating the age of the ship, but first estimates are at 10 Million Years Old!!

Oumuamua was named by Hawaiian scientists which means, ‘scout’ or to ‘reach out for’ and reflects the way this object is like a scout or messenger sent from the distant past to reach out to humanity. It roughly translates to ‘first distant messenger’.

FIND OUT WHAT ELSE HAPPENED from this whistleblower here!!

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