Time Traveler Comes back from the Future, Says Snoop Dogg BECOMES U.S. President!!

Snoop Dogg Was 'Eight or Nine' When He Tried Smoking Weed | Herb
President Snoop Dogg

According to reports, a time traveler came back from the future and to inform and insipre the U.S. about the Future where Snoop Dogg has become president!! (Reports state this time traveler was very frazzled and went by the name Doc Brown and stated he had to go save Marty and left quickly).

Apparently, Snoop won in a landslide victory after running on the “Green Ticket” Green symbolizing his affirmation to make Marijuana Decriminalized in all 50 states. After being sworn in to office on a cold January day, his VERY first order of business was to open up Marijuana shops in Wal-Marts, Targets, and Babies R Us stores across the country!! Clearly focusing on stressed out mothers and fathers, Snoop also allowed for smoking in Schools, Churches, Cars and WORKPLACES!! He is bringing back the 1950s!!!

Since Amazon continues to not carry any CBD related products, Pres. Snoop Created a new Weed only online store called “Amazonijuana” where individuals can order their weed online or it can be picked up in the back alley of your local 7-11 with curbside assistance by a customer service associate easily idetifiable by uniform provided by the store: a faded hoodie and baggy corduroys. Jeff Bezos remains highly upset that he didn’t think of the name first…

Celebrities in the future can apparently blaze up anytime they want. Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Colbert (Okay, probably not Colbert), but the vast majority of late night talk show hosts were allowed to blaze up with guests on stage and audience members given “medicinal marijuana” to allow for better and louder laugh tracks during recordings, which also increased viewership.

So, How Much Weed Does Snoop Really Smoke On The Daily? | Herb

Single-handedly it seems that President Snoop Doggy Dog will bring the economy to AMAZING new HEIGHTS!! With the decriminalization came drastic reduction of depression as well as anxiety, and reducing violence across the country and bringing peace and tranquility to the citizens of the United States.

In addition, Snoop apparently works with Bill and Ted to develop the “Song to align the planets” and unites ALL the Peoples of the World!! When the time traveler was asked about what Snoop had to say about accomplishing such feats that no president has ever accomplished, Snoop merely replied, “Fo Sheezy”. Without another word Snoop then blazed up an enormous blunt on Camera in the Oval Office during his State of the Union Address and passed out. Apparently President Snoop fell into a deep coma, but is currently being treated with Weed in the hospital and should recover shortly.

Snoop woke up briefly during the coma only to reply, “Aliens are for Rizzle and keep smokin’ that shizzle. Snoop D-O-Double Gizzle, OUT” then threw up the peace sign and passed away in his sleep.

Sadie (@sadie__rawr) | Twitter
Sleepy Snoop

Millions mourned his passing, but luckily, Willie Nelson was still alive at age 145 to continue Snoops legacy into Marijuana Legalization and education into Elementary Schools and Churches.

IfIMadeANewReligion All the hymns would be written by Willie Nelson |  www.stillisstillmoving.com
VP/Pres Willie Nelson

Currently, VP Nelson has been only successful in having the U.S. Flag changed to Green with a Marijuana leaf instead of the 50 stars, but he continues to be hopeful according to the time traveler.

Amazon.com : Anley Fly Breeze 3x5 Foot Marijuana Leaf USA Polyester Flag -  Vivid Color and UV Fade Resistant - Canvas Header and Double Stitched - US  Marijuana Leaves Flags with Brass

With new technology, Willie is currently in the process of conjuring Bob Marley’s Ghost to be his pick for Vice President and together will continue to play beautiful music and smoke ethereal blunts into the night. It seems as though our future is extremely optimistic and we are in luck!!

Hopefully you enjoyed our little journey through time and space and also are taking care of your physical, spiritual and emotional health during this time. Continue to follow thorough on your hobbies, goals, passions and dreams and as always, CONTINUE TO QUESTION THE UNIVERSE AROUND YOU!!

till next time- LOCKDOWN UNIVERSE, OUT!!!

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