Was a “Rocketeer” or “Iron Man” seen flying in the skies over LAX?? 2 Airliners report seeing a Flying Man with a Pack!!

In a very interesting article by the Los Angeles Times, Reports state that a “Man with a Jet Pack” was seen on the evening of August 30th, only 3 evenings ago!! Reports state that even the FBI is now involved in locating this secretive and elusive Rocketeer!! So as the story goes, on Sunday evening as TWO major airliners were decending upon their respective landing airstrips, pilots from both planes called in this free falling and flying individual.

“Tower, American 1997. We just passed a guy in a jet pack,” the first American Airlines pilot stated when he called into the control tower franctically trying to figure out why the hell this Iron Man looking fellow was flying near them. The Tower replied, “American 1997, OK, thank you. Were they off to your left or right side?” Of course, with all of the verteran leadership and knowledge pilots have with numerous hours of flight time, he was easily able to identify the location and the height of said individual. “Off the left side, maybe 300 yards or so, about our altitude,” replied the American Airlines pilot.

NOW, here comes the SECOND pilot who ALSO sees this individual, “We just saw the guy pass us by in the jet pack,”the Jet Blue Airways pilot tells the tower.

“Only in L.A.,” the air traffic controller responded.. Maybe she was thinking this could have been a movie set stuntman gone awry, or MAYBE even one of Hollywood’s elite has gone off the DEEP END and has been inspired by Tony Stark and the Iron Man movies and developed his own style of Iron Man Flying suit. Maybe a Mark VII?? So, the theories get wilder and wilder from there. Could this be a human? An Alien in a Tractor beam? A flying Entity? We just did a podcast where individuals reportedly saw the Ghost of Rasputin flying over Russia which you can listen to here…https://anchor.fm/lockdown-universe/episodes/Was-Rasputin-caught-on-film-flying-over-RUSSIA-and-SWITZERLAND-ein10m

The FBI is also on the case, which is interesting. I suppose the FBI WOULD be involved in an Airliner case, however, doesn’t seem like there should be some other government agency involved in locating “Iron Man” I don’t know… like the MILITARY?? LOL, mean, if this guy really is IRON MAN, he can easily use his “Pulse shots” from his hands against some pistol wielding suits. You need some camoflauged military gangsters like the Marines up in their dealing with someone like the Rocketman!!! Maybe even call in Elton John to negotiate!! I can see it now, “Ground control to Rocketman. This is Elton John. You literally are taking my ideas and FLYING with them!! Can you just stop it now? Otherwise it’s gonna be Saturday Night’s alright for Fighting’ up in HERE!! Don’t mess with a Knight!! You call me SIR when you speak to me BOY!!” Oh man…that would be great! Anyway…on with the story…

So, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said Tuesday that agents at LAX were trying to get to the bottom of the case and find out this individuals identity.

The FAA is also on the case, obviously, and confirmed the reports. “Two airline flight crews reported seeing what appeared to be someone in a jet pack as they were on their final approach to LAX around 6:35 p.m. Sunday,” spokesman Ian Gregor reported to the City News Service. Now the FAA makes sense, they DEAL with any Aviation issues across the country. “The FAA alerted local law enforcement to the reports and is looking into these reports.” So we will see how and where this goes in the coming days.

One thing is for sure. This dude has some SERIOUS cojones and that anyone who is willing ot fly around MASSIVE 747s flying at speeds of 500 miles an hour or more has got some chutzpah and some big ol brass…suit…or Iron suit…or you know…whatever it’s made of.

Now could this have been a SHIP that looked like a man with a jet pack? Could it be an alien transporting back up to his ship? Could it be an ethereal entity, like a ghost, instead of a “Rocketman”? Anything is possible. There are more discoveries to be made in this case for sure, but one thing we know for sure, sometimes things aren’t always what they first seem. Or this could LEGIT be The Rocketeer!!

Either way, Take care of your Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Health. Take care of your families and friends. Always pursue your hobbies, goals passions and dreams and ALWAYS QUESTION THE UNIVERSE AROUND YOU!!!

Until Next time, LOCKDOWN UNIVERSE, OUT!!!

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