Is Lil Wayne a Gremlin-like Alien???

Well, if you are familiar with Lil Wayne you already know he is synonymous with facial tattoos, drinking lean, the strangest alien like rap voice, and many, many rap accolades, but is he an alien from another planet?  Let’s explore…

Ultimate Lil Wayne Tattoo Guide - All Tattoos & Meanings

First we have the tattoos: Dude has over 85 tattoos.  That alone has led one Magazine to believe he is just a straight up Martian.  But he does have some amazing tattoos.  He even has a Flower tattooed INSIDE his ear.  That’s wild!  He actually has stars on his face that tattooed i ultraviolet making them GLOW IN THE DARK!!  AWESOME!  He also has The Eye of Providence tattoo on his chin which is a symbol seen in many religions and represents God watching over humanity.  AND he also has a “Fear God” tattoo of which Fear is on his right eyelid and God is on the Left!  OUCH!! Oh, and he also has a song titled, “I am not a human being”.  If that doesn’t seal the deal for you I don’t know what does!! Oh one last thing on looks, just check out these diamond grillz he had made to go over his teeth.  He has been seen from time to time to wear these costly pieces of jewelry out on the town.  They probably cost more than a few peoples houses…and their cars…and their cats..combined..

Here's how much Lil Wayne's teeth are worth

His Voice: Then we have his amazingly unique voice which sounds like an Autotuned, 15-year-old girl who is drunk and hungover…and also an alien.  He has the one of the most bizarre,  indescribable, and unforgettable voices in hip hop.  Once you’ve heard Lollipop, his voice is ingrained into your brain and will never leave there.  Its like seeing a clown get punched or the Apollo 11 land on the moon.  You just cant forget those images.  Did the astronauts bring him back to Earth?? Maybe…lets explore some things that make him human.

Lil Wayne Lookalike : funny

He LOVES SKATEBOARDING!! He is a hardcore skater. What otter rapper is a skateboarder??  Also he can smoke MASSIVE amounts of weed, which might actually make him somewhat alien, however other musicians like Ozzy Osborne, who have endured a lifetime of alcohol and drugs and survived, have been found to have a genetic mutation that can process these chemicals quickly and eliminate any real damage to your body.

Lil Wayne Or Gremlin With 3D Glasses? | Crazy celebrities, Funny pictures,  Funny

Lil Wayne is also a SUPER LEGIT guy.  He is always willing to speak his mind without worrying about the repercussions or ramifications of it.  Whats on his mind comes out.  Thus was extremely apparent in his interview with a police detective and judge recorded on tape.  The hilarious and honest answers Wayne gave were absolutely fearless and legit answers.  He had no fear of the interview and gave some ridiculous answers when being asked certain questions, like when the detective started a question with, “isn’t it something that (xyz event occurred)” Wayne looked at the judge and asked him, “Really? I have to answer that?  Isn’t it something?” Incredulous that a question with such ambiguity was asked and even more so that he had to answer it.  Nevertheless, Wayne has always been cool with us Earthlings and his fans and always kept it 100% with all of us normal people which makes him sincerely cool and more humanistic.  He absolutely seems like a guy that you would want to hang out with and that has a grasp on his own existentialism, as well as his epic influence on humanity and how that effects others lives.  

lil wayne? alien - Ancient Aliens | Meme Generator

Nonetheless. Wayne is such an enigma that we feel that he definitely can be placed in the Stratosphere of other suspected Hollywood Alien’s like: Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and maybe a few Beatles or Rolling Stones… Hell, just look at Keith Richards who has outlived most people who should have kicked the bucket with the amount of drugs and alcohol he has consumed.  Maybe Lil Wayne does change into a Gremlin after midnight.  Maybe if you feed him too much weed and Cheetos he goes off on a very complicated conversation explaining of life on other planets.  Maybe he holds the keys to happiness though the eyes of an Alien Rockstar.  Maybe Aliens have come down to be rock stars, just to be able to live that life and consume an insane amount of drugs and alcohol.  I could totally see some of our humans taking part in that if they had the opportunity on another alien planet!!!

Anyway, Hopefully you guys are taking care of your physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Taking care of your family and your friends. and as always, CONTINUE TO QUESTION THE UNIVERSE AROUND YOU!!!

Until Next time!  LOCKDOWN UNIVERSE, OUT!!!!!

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