Teenaged boy finds “Strange Device” in his parents basement. Turns out it was more than he bargained for…a Teleportation Device!!

According to reports, A young man out of Ireland has been wreaking havoc in the paranormal/scifi world after locating what appears to be a Teleportation Device in his parents basement. AS the story goes, his father worked 80 hours a week for the government on a top secret project. The Teenager would always ask what his dad was working on and why he brought it home. The father stated, “My work isn’t done yet and I am so close to finishing, I can’t wait to finish it. It should be done tonight!” So the young man was excited, he had HIGH HOPES that his father was going to tell him what the device or project was that evening or the next day, but he never told him. So the young man, as all curious young men would do, went to go check it out.

His father’s lab in the basement had a lock on it and on this night, the young man went to try to open it or at least, see how hard it would be to crack into, but this night, his father had left it unlocked. The young man entered and saw a device that looked like a tablet, only just a bit smaller, almost the size of a handheld mobile phone. He picked it up and looked at it. It seemed to be made out of some high grade aluminum/tungsten/titanium style casing and had some strange language on the screen. Luckily, the young lad was able to locate documentation in the lab indicating what this language was, a hand written lab book with the language in it.

Once the boy was able to decode what was on the main screen it seemed to have a history log of locations around the globe that the device had been to, but this seemed impossible as he knew his father had been either at work or home every night that week. Locations around the globe like, Washington D.C., Egypt, London, Moscow, and Beijing to name a few that were recorded in a two day period!! But HOW was this POSSIBLE?? it was IMPOSSIBLE, RIGHT?

The further he inspected, he found that there was a screen to input the latitude and longitude of anywhere on the planet. The boy simply entered a place he had always wanted to go to Italy and go to the Coliseum and see the location where ancient warriors had battled and then see the leaning tower of Piza and other beautiful locales and he wanted to experience all that life had to offer! He was 18 after all. So he put in the coordinates straight to downtown.

The Roman Colosseum, Italy - ~T.E.D~

The sights were simply breathtaking, but he wanted MORE! Then it was OFF to Vegas! Where, unfortunately he could look, but couldn’t touch. You had to be 21 to get in most places.

So it was off to Germany where you only had to be old enough to get your chin to the bar to drink…and drink he did…

A little history of what Germans drink and why | Germany| News and in-depth  reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 14.06.2013

and found a beautiful German Girl who he fell head over heals for. They went off to a music festival and partied through the night. His first…real kiss…was with this fine young beauty by the name of Lexi and then he looked at his watch and saw it was almost 6 am his time back in Ireland. he had to return quickly!

Montreal Is Opening An All-German "Beer Hall" Bar On Papineau Street This  June - MTL Blog

So he bade her goodbye, but not before getting her Social Media contact info and then off he went. Back home to place the device back where it goes and then he was off to bed for an hour before school.

His father had his suspicions upon returning to his lab, as some of his items were a bit out of order, but couldn’t pin it on his son, not yet anyway. The young man returned to school, but all day couldn’t wait to get back home to try out the device again. This time when he went back to the lab and picked up the device, he realized that he had not swiped down far enough to see the OTHER HALF of the screen inputs. He NOW realized that he could also put in OTHER inputs including a Time Differential Entry AND MOST importantly, a 3rd Location that could key into different points of Space so that he could travel Interplanetary!!

The Possibilities were now LIMITLESS!! Where to go to first? Mars? Venus? Pluto? Wait…After re-evaluating the devices history logs, it appeared that someone had already used the device to travel to a planet. Planet P34K. The planet had been Determined to be Hostile, but beautiful with serene tranquility in certain locales and was determined to have far superior technologies requiring further investigation. “Should I go?” he thought momentarily…And then with his youthful energy and naivete, he re-entered the coordinates on the device and hit the mission button. This opened a portal that was different than the last. Larger, more reddish in nature than the previous one that was blue and had a hint of yellow in it. “Is this safe?” He thought, but then figured if it wasn’t he could just come back through. So he jumped in and on the other side of the portal lay HUMONGOUS Mountains made of a sparkling diamond like rock, he thought to himself,”If those are diamonds, I’M RICH!!” Then looked around to see a reddish lake in front of him glistening in the double sun solar system he appeared to be in. It appeared that the beach in front of him was tan like on Earth , but the color of the lake was different. He realized now that he was high above the beach on a hill and could see other lakes in the area of differing colors, yellows, oranges and blues. He knew that no matter where this was…he wasn’t in Dublin no more…

U. study says planets with two suns are a reality — not just in 'Star Wars'  - The Salt Lake Tribune

So, he looked around to see if he could find any of this “Higher technology” and maybe bring something back? Maybe he could give it to his father? Maybe he could keep it for himself if he could figure out how it worked? He was a bit spooked and decided to return home after seeing a structure off in the distance that had what appeared to be Hieroglyphic Writing on it and bailed back home to safety…Well… apparently it wasn’t too safe at home and he came to find that there were 3 men whom he had never seen before in his father’s lab and as two men grabbed him, the third injected something in his neck and knocked him out.

The nextt thing he remembers is waking up to his father and a bunch of bureaucrats in a secret government building being asked all kinds of questions about where he had been, for how long, who he interacted with and what he saw. His father was extremely upset with him and probably mostly with himself for leaving the lab unlocked. He never was seen to bring home work since that night. Later he told his son that he must never speak of this event to anyone and that the government would “Deal with them” if he ever spoke about it. Needless to say, he didn’t speak about it at all and never gave any details about himself or his father or even where he worked. My mind is STILL reeling with the possibilities of this kind of tech and other whistleblowers from the U.S. government have spoken about this kind of tech and the potential for it to be released within the next few decades. If so, how would you use it? Where would YOU go with LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES???

Until next time. LockDown Universe….OUT!!!

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